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Selling at Auction

Why choose East Bristol Auctions?

Put simply – we offer an unbeatable service offer to our clients. Our expertise in marketing and online selling means that we’re able to put your items infront of the biggest possible audience. With high quality photographs, detailed lengthy descriptions and our in-house postage and packing service, this means your items fetch the highest possible prices under the hammer. 

We are ranked in the TOP 10 AUCTION HOUSES in the country by number of online bidders we attract ( analytics, 2018), and items we sell frequently make international headlines. 

Our specialist auction cataloues are uploaded online for 2 weeks minimum, giving your items the greatest possible exposure to bidders.


Any lot entered for one of our auctions is subject to a commission rate of 19% (+VAT) (22.8% in total) and a £2+VAT lotting fee (£2.40 total)). A £5+VAT minimum commission is applicable (£6 total).

Unlike other auctions houses, there are NO charges for insurance, NO illustration fees and NO fees for photography. All these services are covered by the above commission rates.

A full breakdown of our selling terms will be shown on your receipt at point of consignment.